Tribal Land Project

Revisiting History, Reclaiming Lands, Rewriting Narratives

The TICI focuses on pertinent issues such to Global Political Economy, Changing Nature of State, Transitions in Ecology, Development Politics and Land Affirmations. Discussions takes place within a ‘Diversity-Dialogue’ Framework as against the Western Euro-Centric ‘Universal-Particular’ Framework. We reject the claims of a single ‘Universality’ and ‘Objectivity’ that Western Theory purports to make. We believe that fundamentally the world we live in and experience is characterised by the existence of multiple ‘Particulars-Universals’ in constant engagement and dialogue with each other.

Land to the Tribes is fundamental, both material-economic and socio-cultural. This marks out their ontology, epistemology, culturo-philosophy.

This TICI project – The Tribal Land Project- aims to engage with Tribal Lands; both archival and conceptual to produce new knowledge(s) on Lands, Peoples, Environment and Mother Earth…

Project Coordinator

bodhi s.r

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